Calender of Events

Here is a tentative schedule of events for the spring meetings of Pre-Vet Club.

  1. First Meeting: January 22nd at 8pm in MG 2007: We will talk about fundraising and field trips. We will also talk about other semester info and play an icebreaker game.
  2. Second Meeting: February 5th at 8pm in MG 2007: We will have guest speaker, Dr. Basler.
  3. Third Meeting: February 19th at 8pm in MG 2007: Truman Alum and former Pre-Vet Club President Marc and his friend will talk about the first year of vet school.
  4. Fourth Meeting: March 5th at 8pm in MG 2007: We will have Susan Guffey talk about radiology.
  5. Fifth Meeting: March 26th at 8pm in MG 2007: At this meeting we will talk about the vet school application process.
  6. Sixth Meeting: April 9th at 8pm in MG 2007: We will have elections for Executive Board Members.
  7. Seventh Meeting: April 23th at 8pm in MG 2007: This is our last meeting of the semester; we will have pizza and play games such as Jeopardy and Pictionary.

Other events related to Pre-Vet Club:

  • Field Trip to Omaha Zoo: Saturday April 20th.

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Radiology speaker Dr. Guffey


The Big Event


Dr. Basler


Justin, Alicia, and Marc from Mizzou Vet School